new me, who dis?

You are a sculpture ready to be made into a masterpiece.

This is going to be a three step process on how to gain that spark of motivation and start a journey of new beginnings. Keep reading on for some really juicy tips on;

Okay, so what do I mean by reinvent and recharge? I mean it’s time to become the person we know we are meant to be. I am on a process of doing this myself right now. So, how the hell are we going to do this?

  • Create a list of what you want. As of right now, don’t think of how you’re going to get it. Just write it down, envision how it would feel to accomplish those things. Don’t think of the limitations, only of the possibilities.
  • Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned. These past months, I have become a person unrecognizable to the person I was months ago. Now, that may sound scary and bad but honestly I have found a way to be proud of the changes that have happened. Be thankful for the mistakes, the lessons, the blessings because that’s a piece to the puzzle of what makes you, you. This will allow you to grow even more and help you keep things behind or bring them forward with you in your journey.
  • Now get fucking started. My biggest goal in my “reinvent and recharge” process is my body image and how I feel about myself. I am on my way to truly believing what I do for my body is for me and me only. I have to remember that my body is mine and how I treat it effects me and me alone. So, with that said. I have begun exercising and eating healthier. It’s a long process but I’m determined to become consistent and work harder each and everyday. So, basically just fucking do it. Wanna draw? Get a pencil and a paper. Wanna sing? Start singing.

You have the power to become anything you want. It’s about to be 2018. Together, let’s reinvent and recharge.

How are some ways, you’re going to reinvent yourself?


dj of life, masterpieces. 💙

see I’m a masterpiece of undiscovered.

Okay, so I am in a period of discovering myself and falling in love with who I am. So, how do I do that? Since it’s the last month of 2017, I’m going to do a couple of things this month that will allow me to bloom seeds of new discoveries.

  • Something new. I’ve decided that I’ll try something new this month, either a new recipe or whole new dish. Or even a whole new wardrobe?!
  • Something old. I’m going to do a class in something I know I’m passionate about; maybe writing or a beginners dance class?

I am going to document these two things and tell you my experience!! I am really excited for this new path I am on and can’t wait to share with you everything in between!

I am the DJ of my life and I’m a canvas ready to become a masterpiece.

What is something new and something old that you could do? How do you discover things about yourself?

a word from the wise. quick poet 1

let this be quick.

you are a ruby that sparkles silently. not bright and loud, but so beautiful only those that look can see it.

be sure to not forget the power that you possess. the darkness shadows you until you can’t recognize yourself. however, the ruby gets brighter and the shadow disappears. you my friend, are an enigma.

a silent, brightening ruby ready to pounce.

a word from the wise, let this be quick.

luv part 1 🦋

Are you comfortable with yourself?

That’s a heavy loaded question, isn’t? I know it is because I struggle with asking myself that. The reality of that question and the power of answering it seeps through like vine on an old building. I am scared to ask the question because I am afraid of the answer.

If I allow myself to be alone with my own thoughts what would they say?

That I am worth every inch of the beauty that seeps through me. I am begging for my soul to realize that.

Sometimes, I question my power and the flower that blooms through my soul.

I’ve learned one thing. I am the one who holds myself back, the thoughts you have a portrayed in the way you walk, talk and behave. If I believe that I am fucking amazing then I am fucking amazing. And everyone knows that.

I struggle with caring what people think of me. However, those people are temporary souls and you are forever. I am the one who must see my beauty, my goddess. My magic.

I also have to remember that people see the good me, so I must see the good in me.

I tell the children I work with, “those that are mean to you and don’t see the good in you, have uglyness in their hearts. They have not been taught how to have pretty hearts yet.” I work with fairly young children and I’ve realize what I have said is true for any age. If there is anyone that doesn’t see the good in me, I must remember they probably don’t see the good in themselves and they probably haven’t been taught how to yet.

Every day I take a step towards loving every inch of my body, my soul and my heart. It’s a journey. Honestly, I look back and I realize that I am so much more okay with who I am than I was years ago. Of course, I have worked to do and I have so much more of my journey left. However, I can honestly say that I am proud of where I am and where I am going. I am starting to see the roses that grow through my skin like tattoos. Tattoos are permanent and that means loving myself is too.

Am I comfortable with myself?

Yeah, I’m learning how to be.


Sage; one who is wise. Shakti; one who has power.

Welcome to SageShakti. A new experience, a journey and a self portrait.

I’ve begun to realize that being 20 something is an experience in itself. I’m growing, I’m changing, I’m becoming. I’m a twenty something that has decided to share the innings and outings of her life. I’ve decided to show the world the messy truth of being a woman who is finding herself and beginning to love the goddess that’s within her. Hey along the way, I may help people find their own goddess.

It ain’t easy, believe me.

But it will be worth it. Join me in a discovery of self worth , loving and living the best life.